The act of executing someone, usually in a video game.
Ape 1: Dude, lets grip that guy over there and sell his stuff!
Ape 2: oooGA boOgA cHOcCY MilK
Victim (after being gripped): Wow double teaming I see...
Ape 1 & Ape 2: Haha Gg Ez FUnny fOrTNItE daNcE tIMe tO tElL MY pareNtS Of mY gREaT AchievEmeNT!11111!!
by Gavinboy3000 November 16, 2020
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trying to cop or grasp someone or something.
dude, you trying to grip her?
by bruh1857 August 18, 2014
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To grip someone basically means to "Kill" someone in a disrespectfull manner.

Vyria member: I just gripped a malkavian

Vyria member 2: That's a easy W right there
by Jordmonsteret November 18, 2019
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