Home of Lüdwig Węnęl VanHeisenburg Hof the 7th
North Grenville! Isn’t that where Lüdwig lives.
by Lüdwig April 4, 2018
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a Bella Morgan-Grenville is a girl who tries too hard for the male species. She will do anything for them including drop everything. She especially likes the boys in the year above although they will always be too good for her. She has an amazing figure if you don't look at her and she kind of looks like this English philosopher. Although she is really funny and kinda looks like a cheese-string. She is an amazing friend cuz she buys all the weed.
"stop being so annoying, you're really getting on my nerves!"
"sorry, I just feel like a Bella Morgan-Grenville today."
"that's alright, I could get used to it"
by evelynricelolhaha April 7, 2020
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