An unattractive and mildly overweight female that tags along with their hot friend/friends. Can often be spotted at a club holding back her friends from any potential action.
Yo Frankie, can you take care of that grenade while I go for that fine Indian brunette with the banging body?

Bro, last week I took a grenade for you, its your turn tonight!

Grenade-Free America!
by Doc Sus January 10, 2012
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1. fat
2. ugly as fuck

looks as it she was playing a game of hot potato with a grenade and lost
guy 1: i'm drunk as shit...how's that girl look?
guy 2: you mean the grenade?
guy 1: eh fuck it i don't even care
by b_sallz October 20, 2010
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1. A woman of cover. Generally wearing all black garb with a veil that covers the entire head except for the eyes.
(best when yelled)
by herrocroser November 12, 2010
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A sexual action when one grabs and then bites ones nipple, then they rip it off like they just bulled the key out of a grenade.
Yeah i gave here a grenade.

Have you done the grenade yet?
by tylertreason June 26, 2007
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Another word for biceps, should be used when the muscles are spherical.
Used instead of guns or cannons to describe one's arms.
by hittingthefan November 20, 2010
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A BIG girl who looks about ready to bust some buttons around the waist. Usually not the girl you want to hook up with or be around during parties.
"hey did you hear who that tool made out with last night?" - guy
"Yea haha I heard he made out with the grenade in the bathroom!" - girl
"damn that's grossss!" - guy
by srirachagotulaiddd April 18, 2010
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This is my word

(Cromie is Grenades!!!)

Skeet Skeeter only pounds chicks that are Grenades!!!

this is a One*6* approved Word (and is a copy right of Cromie ent.)
This new word Grenades is simply Grenades!!!
by mike Cromie March 17, 2005
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