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E-40 the rap artist coined the phrase captain save a ho.
Where a guy will take care of a goldigger. pay for everything. pay for goldie to get her nails done, hair done, get a cellular hooked up. the guy will be a sucker for the girl and take care of paying for her kids. He will come to the girls rescue like a superhero in attempt to get some play. Dine her and she will take advantage of him. he would actually say I will save a ho baby I am here for you.
Make captain save a ho take care of your kids. make your kids his. it is all part of that take care of me like a superhero with an S on the chest, When I call on the cellular you hooked up, come and save me.
by Clinton Ziza Smith April 27, 2006

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bitch shield is a front a woman will do. to defend herself from getting played.
I walked by this girl and she acted like she didn't like me and moved out of the way. putting up a front fronting using the bitch shield.
by Clinton Ziza Smith May 22, 2006

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eating a girl out on her period. some people think that is when they become men is when they earn their redwings.
after a girl is on her period it's blood gets around your mouth on your face like a pair of redwings.
by Clinton Ziza Smith April 27, 2006

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a player hatress as a female player hater cockblocker grenade
a guy and a girl is in a room and the player hatress stands in between you two.
by Clinton Ziza Smith May 20, 2006

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A true player is one who recieves gifts from women. who womanizes and gets whatever he may want from the woman.
a player talking to an old woman spitting game and dancing with her in attempt to recieve all of her assets financially.
by Clinton Ziza Smith April 27, 2006

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Opposite of a Wingman. A person who deliberately gets in your way of scoring in attempt of them getting laid by the same lady you are going for. A player hater who won't let you get back on third base by blocking and gets you out of the game. somemone who has less of a chance of getting laid by the same lady and still decides to block you from getting laid as well.
In a room are two people engaging foreplay and the cockblocker walks in the room and physically gets inbetween the two partners preventing them from further foreplay/intercourse. I got cockblocked! partly due to hating on a player.
by Clinton Ziza Smith April 27, 2006

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opposite of a cockblocker the wingman will prevent male and female cockblockers from the pointman who is macking. a wingman may be the best thing to have in order to get what you want from women
wingman steps into the bar and covers the grenade and or cockblockers while waiting for the next moves in the game with the pointman so they both can score.
by Clinton Ziza Smith May 11, 2006

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