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To exceed others in class, strength, success, good looks, income, while having amazing sex with many beautiful women.
For the word gregulate, think Jay Gatsby but he bangs Daisy at the end. That'd be pretty close.
by Iram Ewo August 05, 2007
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1. To clean thouroughly
2. To smoke all the resin out of a bowl
3. To solve a formerly difficult problem with comical ease especially when solved by Gregula
4. To reseat oneself in a smoking rotation so as to get an extra hit
5. To ignore any and all phone calls for no apparent reason
6. To chastise an individual for not placing an item back where it came from after the given room was gregulated (as per definition 1)
7. To pretend to be asleep until someone points it out at which point one responds with "I'm not asleep man!"
8. To say something vulgar in front of a priest, young child, and/or older woman
1. Upon seeing the state of his room Bryan realized the need to gregulate it.
2. This is kicked, who wants to gregulate it.
3. After Gregula opened the seemingly impossible to open jar, it became apparent that the situation was thouroughly gregulated.
4. Shit I'm sorry, I just realized I gregulated this roto.
5. Dammit man, I need to get in contact with you and you keep gregulating my calls.
6. In response to his attempts to place the bowl underneath his seat instead of the cabinet, Marlowe was quickly gregulated.
7. not gonna make a sentence for this one
8. Upon seeing the toddler, her grandmother and their priest walking through the TCNJ campus the group quickly gregulated the situation by singing Tenacious D's "Fuck Her Gently"
by Marlowe May 24, 2007
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