Greenality is a word that a colleague and I are coining. It will used in a book that we are currently writing. The meaning of it is the degree to which a project has considered environmental (green) factors that affect a project during the entire project life cycle. It contains two project management processes; (1) a plan to minimize the environmental impacts of a projects, and (2) the monitoring and controlling of the environmental impacts of the product of the project.

Greenality, like tonality, is something that moves along a scale. There will be measurements defined to determine what degree of greenality an organization has achieved.
Because Organization Y has considered these environmental factors during the planning of their current project, they have achieved a greenality of 75 on a scale of 100.
by earthpm July 11, 2009
A unidentified mutant creature who feeds mainly on shrimps and cum
"fuck we have a greenall on our hands get the fuck down!!"

"OMG a greenall fuck where is my rabies shot!"
by ChopMaster May 12, 2010
A person, more generally a man, that has a monster attraction to the gym and enjoys a good fps. A Joe Greenall tends to have a fiery temper if provoked, however, can be a nice person most of the time. Joe tends to be tall and handsome, with a rather large cock.
by mean meat rider March 21, 2023
Greenalize is a process of the Halals gaining power and become a power majority group in a country or a place.
The Halals greenalize China since more and more Halal people can attack the native people and don't need to pay any responsibilities.
by Try to generate some words October 2, 2017