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the best football film for ages makes football factory look like a bag of shite. a bit of a depressing end when 1 of the main characters gets the shit kicked out of him by some 1 called tommy hatcher, (random sik song on it) only a poor little hammer his face was all batterd and torn it made me feel sik so i hit it with a brick and the c***s wernt laffin or singin no more
green street, best bit at the end
by ellinho June 26, 2006
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1)- noun. (idiomatic): Used to allude to conservation organizations, environmental iceality groups, ecological financial markets and everyday people as a whole concerned with sustainable living.

2)- noun. Colloquial generic term used as a collective symbol of American Environmentalism.
"...Washington has already said it will not budge on its offer of curbing US carbon emissions by 17 percent by 2020 -- less than Green Street wanted but as much as Wall Street will bear".
by Dr. Arendee January 12, 2010
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A street located in the East of London England. The street is populated mostly (almost 100%) by people of Asian background. Mostly Bangladeshi's, Pakistani's and Indians. The street is a playground for asian women because of TWO major reasons: Asian Gold shops and Saree Shops. That also attracts many little and old perverts to the street, who simply sit there staring at the women.
Young Perv: I need some eye candy
Old Perv: Go to Green Street, son
by robiul July 06, 2006
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