hey you got any green giant?

Marlow was only able to survive the horrors in the jungle of the congo due to the abundance of the green giant
by homebrewed July 8, 2009
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A large green or otherwise discolored bowel movement resulting from the consumption of heavily-dyed foods; such as cake frosting or some candies.
"Damn that cake was good!"

"Yeah, but the dark frosting is gonna give me a green giant."
by William Scott February 13, 2008
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Where a man paints his Penis Green and Hulk Smashes it onto another persons face. Kind of like a mushroom stamp but with green paint and much more force.
Jeff was getting very excited with Mandy, when suddenly he asked to step away for a moment. When he returned his penis was painted green and he approached Mandy with a full run up speed and Hulk smashed his penis onto her cheek. The end result is a Green Giant on her face.
by BenJeff April 20, 2012
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The word used to describe a "joke" that was so bad that no one laughs. Bad jokes such as these generally cause about 10 seconds of awkward silence which can be filled by saying the words "Green Giant" in the same way as it is said on the advert for Green Giant sweetcorn.

Originated on a school trip to Berlin in which the worse joke ever told was about a green giant. Another term that describes the same thing is lead e.g. a lead joke.

Tanc: *Tells and awful joke"

*Awkard Silence/Tumbleweed"

Charlie: Green Giant...
by Doctor Ectum April 2, 2009
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When a guy paints his insanely long dick green and fucks a girl up the ass
by Anton & Sean October 22, 2008
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The baddest mother in the fucking valley:

The mighty MH-53 PAVE LOW was friend to downed pilots, SPEC OP types, puppies, and small children everywhere, while at the same time the bane of those unfortunate enough to be in it's gunner's sights.

"Call in the Jolly Green Giants. We need a ride."
by Darrell Parkhill August 16, 2009
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