In the Lego online community, greeblies are the intricate details on the sides of spaceships and sci-fi MOCs that define the mechanics and workings of what the MOC is meant to be. They were famously used in the giant Star Destroyer Lego set a few years ago, and also in the more recent Death Star II set. Plates with rails are often used for greeblies because they have a protrusion that only sticks out half a stud without needing a jumper plate. (source:
by 'John February 15, 2009
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things on the face plate on a power droid in star wars
You must add the greeblies to the faceplate for your power droid replica to be complete.
by Brian farthole May 26, 2005
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any dirt, grime, grease, or dust left behind after it has already been cleaned.
After the floor is mopped you should sweep it again to get all the greeblies that the mop leaves behind.
Also if you don't rinse the dishes before you put them in the dish washer, there will be greeblies left on them.
by Nikki Cook March 12, 2006
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The creatures that cats chase and wrestle with. Greeblies are invisible to humans. They are mainly nocturnal creatures, but have been known to be active during the day.
Homes with cats are often known to be infested by greeblies.
by jwbookworm February 25, 2009
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Crumbs remaining from carrying food in your pockets.
I grabbed a cookie from the buffet before we left, and now I've got greeblies.
by Pomo June 27, 2006
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Small crumbs leftover in your sandwich wrapper.
I was so hungry that I licked my fingers to pick up the last of the greeblies in the sandwich bag
by 3daltons September 7, 2005
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