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I guy who strolls into the office on the first week of work with a wife beater on, a cream polyseter suit and his grandmothers white shoes. Answers to Clinton and enjoys dating single moms in Vanier of the nig-nog variety
Check out that greasy Italian did he steal that suit from Ricardo Montablam from Fantasy Island. Seriously how many baby mamas from Vanier does that guy have?
by Gary Peterman May 29, 2008
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When one rubs menstrual blood all over the female/males back then ejaculates on the menstrual blood to simulate cheese. Then one takes small round thin turds for pepperoni. Then when your greasy Italian has been made you smack your penis on your partners back until it all lays flat. Then lick the greasy Italian and enjoy!
Man, you shoud've seen that greasy Italian i gave to your bitch last night.
by scaryblackman January 15, 2015
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