To get inebriated from caffeine, to the point that you start experiencing physical effects. Typically borders on overdose, like any good inebriation.
I got greast after that venti americano last night, and punched some guy in the face!
by bananaman2000 June 24, 2010
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A person, who smokes cigarettes, black & milds, and/or dips. The word specifically references the apparent lack of personal hygiene. Allowing pools of grease to form all on said persons skin and hair. Giving a shinny look to their whole person.
"Yo, did you see that guy? He's so greas't up!"

"Yeah dawg, you can smell him from a mile away. A stench of body odor, and tobacco. Gross. I wonder if he's seen a bar of soap recently..."
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by killblind666 April 10, 2019
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