foul, hideous, repulsive, mingin, ill, (derived from The Grattan Catalogue - A mail order pamphlet exhibitting the most disgusting polyester y-fronts and flower-print frocks aimed at the over sixties)
Throw away that grattan cheese, its been in the fridge for months.

Don't give me any more vodka i'm about to grattan out.

The doc's told me to give up the fags, aparently my lungs are all grattan.
by hedy December 17, 2003
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a verb or a noun - an illness/cold, something quite nasty, bad, unpleasant or naff
oooh that's a bit grattan
grattan hill
grattan girl
grattan boy

oooh i got a bit o' grattan!
by llinos and hedy December 17, 2003
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Masturbating to the lingerie pages of a clothing catalogue, as you did when you were 13 and couldn't get hold of proper filth.

Also handy for when you want a change of pace from mind-blowing internet-based grot.

(The Grattan catalogue was popular in the Uk about 15 years ago, and had a huge ladies underwear section.)
"Dude, I went old school and had a badass Grattan wank last night"
by Ohfoshizzo November 02, 2009
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