an annoying teenager usually a girl that acts higher than others and has no real priorities. She/he treats others with no repect and is very insecure.
"Hey, I just got it in with a grape nut! And I ain't calling her back!"
by francias January 27, 2011
Not the cereal. An advanced stage of nut sweating where your balls feel like they are sliding around in your boxers like a pair of skinless grapes.
Dude, I could really use some talcum powder for my case of grape nuts I got going on here.
by Therealdingleberryjerry May 10, 2018
When one sits down to take a shit and inevitably pisses in the water before the first turd hits. Then when the first turd does hit, it splashes cold piss water onto one's balls and they shrivel up to the size of grape nuts.
"Dude, I just took a mean shit and when that fucker plopped it gave me golden grape nuts!"
by uptanuthin' October 27, 2008