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An extremely personal insult that will mentally destroy a person it is used on. This insult stems from something held dear to the person, and is different for everyone.
“I was done dealing with Kevin, so I grandma stickered him. He never saw it coming”
by Alex Chaddy Daddy March 07, 2018
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The roast to end someone’s existence, usually related to a subject that the person is self-conscious about. Reserved for the most heated of arguments due to the often dire consequences of using the grandma sticker.
“I had enough of his shit, so I hit him with the grandma sticker. He hasn’t talked to me since”
by Frost2718 May 08, 2018
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A roast used to destroy a specific person . An insult so profound and personal that they lose all will to live.
“I had enough of Kyle’s shit, so I hit that bitch with the grandma sticker; I made fun of his dead mother. He hasn’t talked to me since.”
by Alex Chaddy Daddy May 09, 2018
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