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pronounced (grah-doo)

similar to 'crud'. anything gross, dirty, dried-up stickiness, or nasty stuff that has become attached to something else.
someone splashed mud on me and now i have this gradeaux on my arm.

i have gradeaux on my teeth...didn't brush 'em this morning.
by linzzbob October 05, 2009
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A penis so covered in hair that it cannot be stimulated to completion. The French Creole term for wolf dick. Shaving a gradeaux is a gra-don't, as it only turns it into something more sinister.
Girl: "Is your penis typically obscured by hair, or is there a full moon tonight?"
Guy: " Look out the window bitch, this gradeaux is here all month."
by gradeaux master September 18, 2016
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