Graaf (noun) is Dutch/Flemish for "Count" (also a noun), but when used as an adjective in both Dutch and Flemish slang, it is more or less the equivalent of the English word "awesome". In Flanders, as far as I know, it is used a lot in the region surrounding the cities of Antwerp and Saint Nicolas.
Dat is echt graaf!
<That is totally awesome!>
by THEMte May 29, 2008
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Matthew de Graff has the biggest boobs ever.
He's the lamest kid to hang out with. He jiggles where ever he goes. He says he's a Pittsburgh penguins fan but actually he is a Toronto Maple leafs fan plus he likes to suck Tom Brady dick.
Person 1: you know Matthew de graaf
Person 2: no who is he
Person 1: he's gay you don't wanna meet him
by Savagekiller21 November 5, 2019
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He is amazing and sweet ad first, then just an asshole. He seems to care about you but he will disappear out of nowhere.

0/5 stars
- My god that Wesley de Graaf seems to be a sexy, caring and just perfect boy
- maybe too perfect, watch out girl.
by Emiprincess April 21, 2022
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