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A verb of mixed English, Dutch and French origin used by expats in Belgium, particularly in the Brussels area. To drink progressively stronger drinks in a marathon session, usually ending the night with a martini, and waking up and going to work the next day with no apparent hangover.
"Can't believe Ryan made it in to work today! He can really govert!"
by The Idler June 12, 2013
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A name only used for the incredibly handsome and well equipped. Not only is this man stronger than Hercules, he also has God like powers
by Greater1212 December 02, 2011
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The act of one taking a bottle of liquor, and chugging with the bottle at a 180 degree angle (vertical). One may often use this technique to black out and hook up with the ugliest person at the party.
Damn, Cockman can really go vert!

Hey, quit being a pussy and go vert!
by Bigdieselman June 24, 2013
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