A pre-adolescent goth. A got wannabe. Usually plural.
"Oh, look! There's a covey of gothlings. Aren't they precious? (The little turds.)"
by MickWy March 02, 2006
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this is a person who listens to KMFDM and Pigface and dresses in black, but doesn't quite understand what being a goth is all about. Gothlings tend to 'look up' to true goths and aspire to become such.
by Tailanna September 18, 2003
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A person who shows an interest in being goth yet doesnt show the essential qualities.
For example, Carling is a gothling.
by SharD October 03, 2004
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a) A fresh new hater of all things living. They usually still have a few conformist tendancies.

b) Someone who tries too hard to go against the flow.

c) Somebody who goes out of their way to be 'alternative', 'different', or an 'outcast'
"Marcus, stop whining, you sound like a freaking gothling!"

"Marcus, are you wearing eyeliner, fishnet stockings on your arms, and an Elmo backpack? You are such a gothling!"

by Manuel/Marcus/Rowan/Henry October 28, 2005
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