phrase used to compare newly apparent (or are thought to be developing) personal characteristic or behavior to a medical condition. derived from common names of diseases such as the measles, the shits (diarrhea), the bends
"Someone's got a case of the the Mondays"

"After watching too much Tv, the children got a case of the gimmes"

"Pot gave John a case of the stupids"
by Marcel van Kraat September 3, 2006
When you are up late at night and become to get hungry.
Eddie: I have to finish my Science paper but I've got the case of the munchies.
When someone that is normally a good time acts like a bitch.
Person 1: What's wrong with Peter today?

Person 2: Not sure, he's probably just "Got a bad case of the bitch".
by faha81 February 15, 2011