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One of those really, really hairy girls you see that you never actually know, usually with a lot of arm hair, a unibrow and nasty hairy sideburns.
Person A: Gross, dude, it's a friggin gorilla girl, look how hairy she is.
Person B: You're an ass man, it's not her fault she's Indian.
by Dreamboat October 10, 2007
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–verb (used without object)
1. Name for a pug nosed turkey smuggler goth freak usually very angry and antisocial with a hunchback that only other gorilla girls like. They smell bad, wear chains, black clothing containing Marylin Manson(A.K.A worst musician in the world) They have names along the lines of Mouya(wtf?), (M)Angela, and often times have manly hair cuts that look like some type of momop(mohawk+mop)that magically changes color every day. Experts believe this occurs from dark angry chemicals stored in their hunchback that make them depressed and emotional. Direct contact may cause death, diarrhea from the mouth, extreme blood vomiting, re-emergence of the umbilical cord from the anus, and eye shadow. After 24 hours you will be tempted to go to Hot Topic(Year round Halloween store) and make a purchase of chains, baggy pants, and a hunch back will grow.

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There is an outbreak of these "Gorilla Girls" at schools across America. Please use caution whilst proceeding into schools. Ex. Granby
by Beth Dunn June 18, 2008
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