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a band from burbank california led by a skinhead moron, and his equally unintelligent henchmen.... usually can be found wherever there are drunken high school girls, and occasionally will post things on the internet about how great they are, instead of just doin there thing and waiting for fans to post about them... they do this because nobody really likes them so join goric on thier statutory quest to become legendary douchebags
"like omg, like, the lead singer of goric totally like, fondled me when i was drunk at that party last year and like, the whole freshman class heard about it"
by ilovegoric February 06, 2008
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An really good destroyer metal band from Burbank and sunland, they have played venues like the WHISKY, THE ROXY,and various other cafes and backyard shows, joinh the crusade, join the goraknights,
Goric Is an awsome metal band, go see them, buy there CD
by GORaKnight September 29, 2006
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