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I went to that shit hole gordonvale last weekend and stole a durry for the iga
by XXXXtentacion_shithole November 21, 2017
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A disgusting school in the "small sugar-growing town" (according to Wikipedia) of Gordonvale. It is filled with thots and in general, extremely dodgy, cancerous people. This has resulted in a number of refugees fleeing this horrendous place to better and safer schools located further north.
What school did you come from?
>Gordonvale State High School
Oh, you poor, poor soul!
by LORD MASHIE January 30, 2019
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At Gordonvale State High School you can find fuckboys, druggos, girls who where they’re shorts so high that they asses are hanging out and guys in grade 10 that date girls in grade 8, guys in grade 8 that date girls in grade 7 and girls in grade 8 that date guys in grade 12. You’ll find most kids being sent down to A12 and getting suspended. The fuckboys are hit ofc cause thy always are. If you head to gordy skate park you’ll sometimes see kids smoking durrys and most weekends an after soon you’ll seem boys burning around on motorbikes out at grenpath. Others on scooters
Have you been to Gordonvale State High School Lately

Yeah fuckboys every where
by gfydydhxjxhci November 24, 2018
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Gordonvale High School is a shitty disgusting place, theres toxic people who will talk shit about you, many fights during the week, many people going to the park during the mornings to either hit a vape or smoke durries. The only good teacher there is Miss Smith. You may go to the toilets during lunch but you'll smell people vaping. There is many sluts and thots at Gordy high and many fuckboys, try hards and playboys. Year 7s date year 8s, year 9s, year 10s year 11s and year 12 its very common in Gordonvale High School.
"what school do you go to?"

"Gordonvale High School"

"oh poor you!"
by kwsowneisnbsokaken October 20, 2021
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