Taxes for fun
Wages down, out my money runs
Throughout the night, no cash in sight
by youkay March 13, 2004
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Used to refer to being short of money ie on a budget.

(Gordon Brown is chancellor of the exchequer and sets the budget for the UK)
Boab - goan doon the pub the night Rab?

Rab - Ah cannae mate, ah'm oan the Gordon Brown.
by Bryan McPhail November 2, 2005
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looks like a sad face drawn on a scrotum (also see my def of government
gordon brown is ugly and can't run our country right :p
by DJ SPYKERZ(SCOUSED OUT) July 22, 2009
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Cheap-ass swindler in charge of taxation in the UK. Doesn't drive so has no first hand experience of the enourmous tax that drivers have to pay, thanks to his greed.

Very scarey fake smile. Run away! Run awaaayy!
Gordon Brown - He'd steal your grandma's teeth if you let him.
by VoteAnarchy October 15, 2003
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fat Scot who Was chancellor of the exchequer but now sits under the title of Priminister, much to the bewilderment of the Brittish people. Dubya's new lapdog.
(Gordon Brown): Cannea suck yer cock noo, Mr Bush?
by 21stcentrybriton999 December 2, 2007
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George bush' s fuck buddy.
Wont be happy until every bank account has a standing order into his account.
Gordon brown Robs the poor to give to the rich
by ash182 March 14, 2008
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How a asian person says "golden Brown"
owwwhh MR miyagi your dim sims is a ruvly shade of gordon Brown .


MR foo manchu ,your dim sims must be gordon brown before you take them out of the deep frier.
by B Stokes March 4, 2008
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