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Gop stop is done by gopniki (Russian term). They stop people, ask to treat with a cigarette (or some other routine question). A person can be also asked to give his mobile phone, money, wallet, watch and frisked (pocket checked) in case of denying to have these properties. In some cases they beat the victim.
So gopniki gop stop somebody (though they don't like the term, they prefer pacani or sth else instead).

They're usually teenagers and move around in groups.
In English the closest term/translation would be "to racket". The gop stop is just not so well orginized and they have casual victims (who they call lohs - a clumsy, slow thinking person or the ones who afraid to fight back or or resist strongly).
-I've lost my 3310 Nokia.
-What happened?
-5 guys came up to me and asked for a phone call. They swore they had their own Sim card. A police officer told me I was simply gop stopped.
by Loronzo January 20, 2010
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The act of being mugged by a Gopnik or any actions (usually criminal in nature) performed by Gopniks.
Vlad, don't go to the pier at night, you will walk into a gopstop
by Krugliy June 12, 2018
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