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A goon ninja. Individual who performs stealthy awkward acts to please others. Usually, highly skilled at making long “run on” sentences with abnormal pitch and fluctuating tones to grasp an audience’s attention, then suddenly reverts to speaking with social norms.
Terry enters the room

Terry: What up peeps?

Terry kicks off his shoes in a sketch manner, then quickly removes a sock

Jim: Hey Terry, why did you remove a sock, what are you doing!?

Terry: I was going to place it on a random door knob so nobody will go into that room. Not because I or anyone is having sex in there but so the density of people will increase in this place with one less room. Plus, it will get more social energy flowing in this place.

Jim: Ok, now I like the sounds of that.

Terry: It’s a goonja act. You can thank me later.

Terry then removes the rest of his clothing and begins socializing in a friendly manner

Jim to himself: Now that’s a goonja.
by Goondued November 05, 2011
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