A word apparently thought of (but certainly used by) by comedian Eddie Murphy when he did a show he dubbed 'Delirious'.
They looked at eachother and said.."Goonigoogoo!" - Eddie Murphy.
by Kef-Meister December 21, 2004
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An expression/word used by Eddie Murphy in his stand-up comedy show Delirious.
I'm studying the origin of this word and trying to figure out in what context this word can and may be used.
So far I've found out that the word goonigoogoo can be used in every situation and to express every kind of feeling.
You told me that you met your wife 15 years ago in a camping trip. I walked to meet her for the first time and she said hello I'm bunny nice to meet you, goonigoogoo. You didnt meet your wife in some camping trip, she's a big foot isn't she? That's why her mustache is so fuckin' thig. You shaved her and taught her how to speak!

So take your motherfuckin' children and put them in your goonigoogoo mobile.
by Joeri-Goonigoogoo November 14, 2006
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