1. The ability of an item to be found using a google search.

2. Also indicative of popularity.

alternative spelling googlable
1. I don't need to give you the web address because my blog is totally googable.

2. Man, that's one Googable gal.
by aetg April 15, 2005
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Verb - An article, picture or other media that can be found in a search engine.
F**k camchicks man! Boobs are googable everywhere.
by Master Jazza October 04, 2007
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the ability to be Google searched
Bethany Weigele will increase her googability by defining googability on Urban dictionary.
by bgelewei September 24, 2009
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From radio d.j. and record producer Donald s irish from Seattle. The word means anything that can be found on google. If its not there for some reason its not"googable".
See reference "google" or search engine.
*yet there are more search engines out there, via Microsoft and others.

Google has remained number one to date.
I looked and looked online the thing i'am looking for must not be googable
by Geremee June 15, 2017
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Able to be googled. Anything that can be answered by searching for it on google.
If it can be found by searching for it on google— it’s googable!
by Nanloveya April 22, 2018
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