A Virgin. totally innocent. Hasnt been touched by any guy, ever. Anywhere. Never plans to, ever.

What every father forces himself to beleive his daughter is, even after increasing evidence to the contrary.

Chav girls are incapable of maintaining their virginity past the age of thirteen, it is thus impossible for any chav girl to ever be a "good girl" past this age.
Daughter:- Dad... im dating this guy and... hes really nice and...
Father:- WHAT?! I thought you were such a GOOD girl... how dare you?! ect...ect...
by Vince Discombe August 25, 2006
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Girls that like Bad Guys for some reason.
Person 1) "Why do Good Girls like bad guys?"
Person 2) "I don't know, I've had that question for a real long time"
Person 1) "I've been a Bad boy and it's plain to see"
person 2) "So why do Good girls fall in love with you?"
by ChegXX69 December 19, 2018
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In public, a good girl:

- behaves like the sweet innocent girl her father wants her to be
- is smart but polite, like her mother wants her to be
- is decently sexy, like her bf/hubby wants her to be
- is waring tiny strings or goes commando (whatever idea drives him more crazy while in public)
- if situation allows, occasionally gives him blowjobs under restaurant tables, on the back row at cinema, in the middle of a forest, etc.

In private, a good girl:

- looses the skirt/trousers, and walks around the house commando or in tiny g-strings (shirt allowed if a bit chilly)
- wears French maid outfit when cleaning around the house
- serves bf/hubby with nice food but also reveales her breasts, so he can have an alternative if not hungry and in need of appetizer
- once a week rents a porn for him to watch it together
- twice a week gives him a blowjob while he watches other TV or plays computer games
- one blowjob out of two she swallows; the other she takes it in the face, boobs or again mouth, but then plays with it
- wakes up bf/hubby every morning with blowjob, ball licking, rimming, nipple/toe sucking or lubed handjob, so he has a good day at work
- douches and wears butt-plugs every couple of days, because no hole should be offered less frequent then the other - especially the tightest and most pleasurable
- on birthdays and special occasions surprises him with the hottest of the hottest ATM practice
- gradually improves her deeptroat skills and whatever other skills she knows he might appreciate
- does not mind a slap on the bum at any time, and in the heat of the moment other gentle/rough slappings can be a big turn on for her
- in general has a clean body and a dirty mind - and offers him whatever he feels like. Because feelings are important for her and she wouldn't want to hurt his.

At ALL times:

- a good girl is completely SHAVED. It's what brings her beauty to perfection. If any of the men out there says they are ok with body hair on a girl, they either lie or should be educated.
Note: A bad girl is a girl who consciously refuses to perform one of the "good girl" duties above, but only because she wants to be punished.
by Dhadi January 15, 2008
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A girl that says she wont do shit, but insists on seeing your cock. Then when you do show her she can't ehlp but show you her best Deep Throat techique.
by Mike Jones June 02, 2004
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a girl that is well trained in the sex department. can go mouth-to-hat(cock) or take it up the ass after just meeting a guy for the first time
wow look at how well trained she is, she just meet him and gave him head, good girl!
by <3itwenucallmepapa September 06, 2010
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A teenage girl, for example one who wants to get into the modelling business... she cant get in so reorts to sucing off the guy's knob, taking it wherever he puts it, then going home to her boyfriend to cuddle, beacause thats all that they do. but if it gets her a better chance at something she loves more, she'll do it.
Boyfreind:" so how was the photoshoot?"
(She gave out head and took all the cream in her face)
Boyfreind:" I love you"
Girlfreind:"I love you too.
by Used April 09, 2005
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a girl that will suck your beef stick after you have been balls deep in her arse.
was she a good girl? yea buddy she's a good girl.
by J.F. February 12, 2003
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