Gold: A fun, loving, outgoing person. Always cheerful and there for you when you need her the most. A Gold is a good friend that you will never want to lose. She's an amazing person inside and out. She's very competitive and kind but mean when not in a good mood. She's also very beautiful. She's usually called goldie, goldilocks or silver. To have and know a Gold is a treasure best kept. Also, she has some bomb ass pussy.
Boy 1: who is that?
Boy 2: oh that's Gold
Boy 1: damn she's bad asf yo
Boy 2: tuhh you ain't gotta say it twice bro
by Smhhh.hh April 17, 2017
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laughing out loud but in a mild sense.

a giggle

giggled out loud.
..." yea his pants fell down it wasn't too funny but i still gol'd a little bit."
by BStuck July 05, 2009
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Term used to describe an album being sold more then 100,000 times.
Nickelback's New Album has gone gold
by Stuff March 27, 2005
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A last name posessed by a large number of jews.
"Hey next time you see Jacob Gold, don't forget to cut his horns off!"
by mysterychef November 16, 2006
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Marlboro Lights, named for the coloring of the package. As in full flavored ones are Reds, Ultra-lights = Platinums.
Guy 1: "Man, you got any Reds? I really need a smoke."
Guy 2: "Nah man, I don't smoke those cowboy killers. I only smoke Golds."
by iHeartApples March 08, 2009
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