a group of amazing people who pledge alligance to the goat and hillbilly's and the hordse song(look it up). they are affiliated with the llama's and theyre political campaign for a new supreme goat with never end.

religion created by the supreme goat and rodriguez the mexican sketch artist.
awesome excuse for a religion

"may the goats be strong with you"
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Goatism is a religion were you exchange everyword that looks like goat with the word goat
Arsenal won the match with just one goat!
by MacStalin April 18, 2005
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A new religion following the lords Goat, Turkey and Beaver. The goat represents Constipation, The beaver represents Big teeth and logs and the goat represents Thanksgiving dinner and THICK birds. We take this religion seriously it’s not a joke.
I love being apart of the goatisme religion
by Lielos_hannh5678 November 29, 2019
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When who makes sounds like "Eh la doo" or "gagagagaga." Usually 5" or smaller. Related to the famous pinhead pak
Goatism is when you make annoying sounds.
by Pomp33 April 4, 2015
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To announce what was already said by another, in an idiotic fashion using similar wording but not directly repeating what was said before by the other person

2.An idiot's version of sarchasm but doesnt have the intent of being sarchastic therefore making the person sound like Greg.E

3.To overlook one's common sense value for their own idiocy.
Person A: ''well ryan doing that ...well that would be like shooting in the dark''

Person B: (goatism)
''well you see ryan thats like shooting blindly and not knowing where your shooting''
by G- Reg August 24, 2008
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A group of awesome people who pledge allegiance to the goat, the llama, the alpaca, and hillbillies as well as the horse song, hillbilly song and the chicken on a raft.

That man would do very well running a seven eleven in norweigia. I bet he could even last 500 hours or more with a chiken on a raft. We should force him to join goatism.
by High Fantabulous Llama March 4, 2013
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