(Im making a ACUAL definition of goat bc all these STUPID ppl say it's greatest of all time, WERE TALKIN' BOUT THE ANIMAL HERE!!) anyways...

A goat is a fluffy Little mini deer. It can sometimes have horns, and it's poop is shaped like raisins. The main pet goat is the pigmey. But the milk goat is also common. GOATS ARE ADORABLE, OKAY? anyways, there is also a very small breed called the Nigerian. It mostly has blue eyes and a paint coat. (Btw, baby goats are adorable, and goat birth is disgusting)
Lucy: yo man dats creepay.

Connor: did u see what Laney posted on her ig yesterday??

Mariah: no, what was it??
Connor: it was a goat birth!

Mariah: EW that sounds DISGUSTING!
Connor: yeah, it was, but the baby was adorable!!
by Lil Pouch June 12, 2018
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1. Something that is totally ridiculous, but still awesome.
Did you see that guy try and joust with that windmill? Totally goat!
by ThomasCock April 05, 2015
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Fluffy animal, milked for delicious cheese.
Climbs mountains to lick salt, because they like it? Usually farmed, says BAAAAAAAAA all day and runs fast as fuck and will headbutt you. Don’t attack a goat. Also an acronym for greatest of all time. E.g. PELE IS THE GOAT
That’s a big ass goat.
These shoes are GOAT
by Genji Shimada September 21, 2017
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