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noun. m. go juice can refer to any type of alcoholic beverage that is drunk discreetly while in transit to one´s destination so as to maximize one´s level of intoxication upon arrival.

The act of drinking go-juice traditionally refers to they buying of a 5th of Monarch vodka and an equally sized bottle of tropicana orange juice, drinking half the orange juice and then filling it back up with half the bottle of vodka. This creates a mixture that is both powerful, easy to drink, and difficult to detect.

Go-juice was initially invented by college students in the city of Portland, OR as the next step in the evolution of "pregaming" however, students there, who rarely use cars as transportation, soon found that the drinking of go-juice makes one´s journey so delightful that the students eventually stopped reaching their destinations at all, preferring instead to wander the streets merrily, migrating slowly towards voodoo doughnuts in old town.

The term "go-juice" is derived from the movie Waterworld, in which the same term actually refers to gasoline.
"should we take a few shots before we go?"
"why bother? they´ll wear off by the time we get there. Pour me some go-juice instead"

. . . .

"compramos una botella de ron para hacer el jugovil"
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Coffee. Term usually used in the morning. "Go-go juice" is appropriate as well.
I need some go juice to get through the morning.
by Chris February 15, 2004
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Mixing a shot of Jägermeister and 9oz of Full Throttle Energy Drink! similar to a Jager Bomb, but much tastier
Chad and Billy got fucked up on Go juice last night!
by Bill and Chad April 04, 2008
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