An old Brooklyn term used for telling someone to mind there own business, or telling someone to go fuck themselves without directly saying it.
what are you doing over there?
"Hey, why don't ya go see where you gotta go pal"
by South Brooklyn Mexirican July 23, 2018
probably means that the person who said this will probably shoot you
quiet kid:im going to shoot you.
depressed kid:haha same
by firedwashere March 22, 2021
A person who outwardly appears happy and nice but acts condescending and passive aggressively.
Our waiter looked so nice at first but he had a real happy-go-fuck-you attitude.

What’s wrong with her? She seemed so cool at first but then her happy-go-fuck-you personality really came out.

Have you guys seen Randy lately? Ever since he came back from that two-year trip to London he’s changed into a happy-go-fuck-you kinda guy.
by abomassalbinkie April 1, 2021
Significant other is fed up or exhausted with the idea of you being around them.
Justin, you are getting to be too much and I'm confused about how I should handle you! You have made me mad/annoyed for the last time!!
("I don't know what I'm going to do with you!" is to be aggravated or annoyed by one's actions)
by November 19, 2022