To be executed by firing squad. To defend against harsh criticism.
Often used in an expression of loyalty: If you follow me, I will go to the wall for you.
by BillV05 September 24, 2005
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When at a party, to bring another person to a wall and grind or hook up with that person at the wall. The wall makes it so less effort is required, for when grinding the guy just has to rest on the wall and take it. When hooking up, have the girl cross her legs around the guys back and the guy lifts her and presses her against the wall so that little effort is required. It's fun.
Guy and Girl grinding:

Guy - "Hey you wanna go to the wall with me?"

Girl - "Sure"

Guy - (Smiling and Thinking to himself: Yesssssss)
by Seshy Meshican March 18, 2012
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1. when one gets mad at ones techer or friend and choses not to say " go fuck yourself!"

Can also be used to express anger at anyone who you do not know, especially if they annoy you or piss you off.
1. Teacher: why didnt you do your homework John?
John: Cuz i didnt want to!
Teacher: Im going to call your parents
John: Go fuck the wall!

2. Melissa: Hi jenny, wats up
Jenny: Nuttin much
Melissa: So did you finish your project?
Jenny: No did you?
Melissa: Well i did. Hahaha too bad for you. There's only 5 days left to type 20 pgs
Jenny: Go fuck the wall bitch!!!
by Jhae1234 May 17, 2009
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Leaving work early without your managers knowledge.
It’s Friday afternoon and I’m going over the wall to catch a Cub’s game!
by DreadRealm November 09, 2019
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Person A: Don't tell anyone, but I went shopping with Will's ex Rachel. She's just so cool!
Person B: Wow. Going over the wall. Bold statement.
by goofing off March 07, 2006
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spoken A-Wall the real term is AWOL(Absent Without Official Leave)- it means leaving your post and not returning in the Military
Taking leave and not showing up when ordered
"Don't go a-wall soldier"
often heard in military videogames
by Soulreaver May 27, 2008
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