2 definitions by Amazing Bro

1: A word used to describe somebody who is going insane
2: To be going from one place to another
3: Used to describe a young person who will probably become rich and famous later in life
4: To be using drugs, generally something you smoke
1: See that guy with the lollipop collection? He's going places
2: Sorry man but I can't come to the party later, I'm going places
3: That kid's wearing that tuxedo fine! I can tell he's going places
4: See that bitch with the weed? She's going places.
by Amazing Bro May 20, 2015
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1: A hotel franchise owning the Gaylord Opry Land in Nashville Tennessee

2: A name nobody wants to have

3: A certain small town in Michigan

4: The insult to beat all insults
1: We just spent a night at the Gaylord hotel in Nashville

2: I bet that kid lives in Gaylord Michigan, that's why he's so depressed

3: Wait your name is Gaylord? Ha ha you're a fucking queer

4: Justin Bieber is the king of all you Gaylords
by Amazing Bro June 29, 2015
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