A idiot who has no eyebrows and likes looking at girls in a weird way. He gives you exams for an irrelevant subject that nobody cares about and you almost wanna slap across the face when you see his non eye-browed head. Then he makes you do a page of homework every week despite the lessons having to be practicals he treats it like a english lesson. So if you see him slap him. Then reply saying you were attempting a fake drama punch.
No eyebrows and he is very boring it can only be a Mr Parker!!!
by DoctorColesminion123 November 11, 2019
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the greatest teacher to ever walk the face of the planet

a man so manly you wouldn't be suprised to see a bear corpse in he back of his pickup

A brown moustached stud who has aquied an intense man beard.

Student: Hey Mr. Parker your moustache is talking to me

Mr. Parker: It does that sometimes.
by The Source Which Is Awesome2 September 16, 2010
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Douchebag that speaks German sometimes (in the USA) and will give you a 30 min lecture on the frontal lobe (in Social Studies). Possibly a pervert and has stupid walk and a super deep voice. The worst sub teacher ever.

@tyllparker1130 is his Instagram
by Coquille Kids January 1, 2019
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The best and most handsome teacher of all time
Mr. Parker is hip.
by soreno September 23, 2021
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