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A face like you smelled freshly rolled grass.
Gnomie Wonder got his gnome face on, while ruddin' up his yard. Gia!
by Lolboy April 27, 2007
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In similar fashion to trollface, yet more cheeky, cute and a little bit more annoying.
Gavin: Haha, Rickrolled and Trollface.jpg. GG!
April: Gnomeface.jpg, GFG!
by SienKungaloosh July 16, 2011
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The mortal enemy of troll face. He has only one quest in life. To gnome the whole world.....There is no more trolling....only GNOMING!
Jared: yo i was on youtube last night watchin this music video and this dude was bein the biggest gnome face!!!

Mike: yo gnomes are so annoying...but not as bad as trolls.
by turbo6994 July 01, 2011
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