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A gnillort (the g is silent) is a term used to describe someone, usually male, who embodies the traits of a tool, dick, douche, fuck boy, and all around dickhead, at the same moment in time. Its basically the worst point a man could reach. In extreme cases, the slang word "pussio" is added infront of it.
Man 1: "Dude, that guy was being a fucking gnillort!"
Man 2: "Not only that, but a PUSSIO gnillort!"
by Biggerboy May 20, 2016
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A less harsh way of using the word cunt
You: i hate this guy for many reasons, he is such a gnillort
by Moose tits June 12, 2016
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An absolute tool / That one guy that you just really don't like for so many reasons, all those reasons combined make him a gnillort.
Miniminter : Ethan

Behzingha: What Simon ?

Miniminter: You're an absolute gnillort.
by Willy Foo Foo July 02, 2016
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