Good luck with sale. Often used in forums.
Hey that car is awesome. Its definately worth what you're asking. glws
by SmokeyJay January 18, 2008
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Good Luck With Sale. Means that an item posted for sale is overpriced, so you'll need some good luck to sell it. Used on forums where you aren't allowed to criticize ads.
1991 Civic for $7000? GLWS.
by slotard January 12, 2012
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She is his glw.
by Lord Jak October 3, 2015
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A GLW is an individual spawn from the so-called excellent gene pool in terms of looks, according to the fashion magazine ideals of beauty.
by Markussen April 22, 2010
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bob why do you have our home number all over the internet . glw !
by cherishjanelle February 9, 2010
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looks beat to shit, good luck with sale
FOR SALE: 2002 CBR600RR high miles, salvage title, lowerd 2 inches, and stretched 6 inchs, shinko tires, ohio riders decals removed for an extra $50
"That bike LBTS GLWS!
by cattani is my hero November 20, 2010
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