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A telepathic creature, the final culmination and last evolution of the race of Glooba. Is squishy and about the size of a tennis ball. Camouflages. Contains entire history and knowledge of her race, helps translate alien languages.
Glooble thinks at you, "Are you sure that's a wise choice?"
by Lenardo June 30, 2008
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The act of ceasing oral sex on a man during his orgasm so he cannot ejaculate in one's mouth.
"As I was cumming, she totally gloobled me and I came all over the rug!"
by T-homez December 14, 2009
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The act of going from a steady flow of back and forth messaging but then becoming busy so you stop responding as frequently, but you still maintain an interest in the conversation.
Hey, just got busy so gloobles.
by ARK3157 May 06, 2018
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