a.) Consciousness, being.
b.) One's mind.
My globins were blown by the philosophical essay I just read.
by Sean Ramsay April 22, 2008
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Golbin is good globin, it helps protect things like your body. Globin + E to the 10th power means Ebola and Cancer. Globin to the 8th power is snow
Globin to the 8th has caused the snowstorm
by Adgjhaefgjhfeagjhae December 12, 2014
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When a couple have sex in a hot tub and before the man cums he pulls out and ejaculates in the water. The jets swirl the cum around making a life size snow globe.
hey babe lets go to the hot tube, I feel like Snow Globin
by Tomm from Albuquerque May 7, 2016
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A random insult to throw at the unexpected. (or just to call someone a hoe)
"stfu hotdog globinator"

"bro what the fuck"
by Penis Sucker 79 December 15, 2021
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as pessoas mais engracadas que tem
meu deus sao as pessoas mais engracadas que existem clinica globins gremilins!
by volkomito March 21, 2022
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Def Leopardese for "Our band was awesome, and still is awesome now even tho our drummer only has one arm"
by Andi March 1, 2005
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When 2 people go to a cemetary and dig up a dead mans body. Than one person puts his or hers mouth over the entire cock and balls, while the other person jumps on the stomach of the dead man to blow the bodily fluids into the others mouth.
Robo likes to hob-knobbin-munga-globin for a creamy nutella treat.
by little foot1111 November 5, 2008
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