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1.the process of covering someone in human feces than throwing glitter on them / much like old skool tar and feathering
2. a kickass band name!
man that asshole punches my girlfreind one more time im gonna glittershit em!
by mark madden May 04, 2007
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N. Fanciness; an extravagantly decorated or elaborately ornamented location (ie. a mansion or museum)
Adj. Fancy; flashy; loud; gaudy
V. To make fancy, flashy or gaudy
Noun: The concert last night had a whole bunch of pyrotechnics and extravagant laser shows. They even dropped confetti on the crowd at the end, and they have the nerve to call themselves a local band? What's with all the glittershit?

Adjective: I can't believe you put shagg carpeting and fuzzy dice in your busted-ass car. I refuse to be seen riding in your glittershitmobile. Thanks, I'll walk home.

Verb: Why the hell did you go and glittershit your wardrobe? You look like David Bowie now. Congrads.
by Poke-a-loke January 06, 2009
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once one has finished the anal performance of a lawn gnome born with sparkle herpes the individual thus shits glitter for a month prior to anal discharge and bleeding leaving one feeling refreshed and enlightened similar to the effects of LSD. in other words it is a gateway to happiness
yo i just ate this dank bread and now i got the glittershits
by breadcultツ September 06, 2016
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