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Someone who uses programming mistakes in online games to gain an advantage over the competition.
That guy was inside of the wall when he shot me. . .what a fucking glitcher.
by Radames November 25, 2003
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A person who takes advantage of a glitch while it exists to cheat in a game or website.
That glitcher has infinite cash, it's unfair!
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by 0ptx March 28, 2020
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Player that typically uses extraordinary timing or skill to achieve in-game feats usually not apparent to other players such as exploring blocked parts of the map or finding easter eggs- typically in first person shooter games.
"So I was glitching out of the map the other day and I totally found this supergun that kills everything"
"You're such a pro glitcher dude"
by ZetalZero December 23, 2009
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