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Adjective form of "gleebs", a condition wherein the butt cheeks are cold and usually clammy to the touch while the rest of the body remains warm. Could describe a person who is experiencing gleebs.
After her run, Meagan was surprised to be hot, sweaty, and yet totally gleeby at the same time.

He patiently and deliberately undressed her, sliding his hands down her delicate warm back while they kissed. Once his hands found her butt, he froze. It was ice cold and clammy. Gleebs, he thought. This was one gleeby bum.
by wolf3891 March 27, 2015
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nerdy + skinny, appears underfed; homosexual tendencies are likely
Employer 1: Man that Patrick kid is so weak, i'm surprised he's a man
Employer 2: yeah that gleeby kid...if he didn't have a beard i'd be really confused, he's probably just into guys
by ThomasD June 16, 2008
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