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1 - The name of a certain image showing a female golfer kissing a glass, penis-esque trophy. Thought to be seen by pretty much everyone who frequents the internet.
2 - A term used by b3tans to describe a popular link that everyone's seen before.
B3tan 1 -
B3tan 2 - Wow..that is the epitome of glasscock.
by tr1nity December 07, 2004
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'Glasscock' specifically refers to a widely and repeatedly distributed photograph of a woman kissing a glass trophy which, owing to the angle from which it was taken, resembles a large cock.

However, it is commonly used perjoratively to describe any (typically humourous) image or similar file, posted on the Internet, which has previously been widely seen.

Rather than to criticise the image itself, it is intended to insult the person who posted the image for wasting the recipients' time, and for being out-of-date.
by Guinness2702 April 20, 2009
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a web link sent to you in email, or posted on a web-board which everyone and their uncle has seen before
as in the girl kissing the penis-shaped golf trophy
by dai July 17, 2003
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also called a tweaker pipe. Called a glass cock because it resembles a dick (also see "suck glass cock")
lets go suck some glass cock
by mikemikemikemikemike March 31, 2006
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Glasscock: adjective.

Origin: crafted from an English (UK) family name that I and the fellow crafters of this new insult puzzled over. We wondered why anyone would want to keep such a name. And thus an insult was born.

Definition: An insult or expletive in which the user is implying that someone's cock (penis) is so weak that it would "break off" or "shatter" in the act of coitus (sex). An insult meant to invoke a sense of impotence or sexual inferiority or fragility of the victim's genitalia. The best use of the term comes with the imagined context of either an angry cowboy or Samuel L Jackson yelling the insult in conjunction with the word motherfucker. (See examples below)
Angry Cowboy: Gawd dang sumbitch! Yew glasscock motherfucker!

Samuel L Jackson: Why you glasscocked motherfucker!
by Ren Corvus April 07, 2019
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1. A phalis made of glass.
2. A rooster made of glass.
3. A road in Mission, TX.
1. That glasscock was ribbed for added pleasure.

- or -

1. That trophy being kissed by that woman may look like a glasscock, but it is not.

2. My grandmother had numerous glasscocks on display in her curio cabinet when I was a child.

3. Damn, Glasscock Road is a long road. We should find out more about it at .
by scorpionmintred May 03, 2007
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