Where homosexuals live when they think nobody can tell they're gay, but everybody really knows.
"You're totally in a glass closet. Everybody can see you're in there, why don't you just come out?"
by scootz November 27, 2005
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Taylor Swift’s place of residence
Taylor’s in a glass closet with all of these hints she’s been dropping through her lyrics and actions.
by cardiganette August 27, 2021
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People who are so obviously gay but aren't telling it. There is a difference between just "in the closet" and "in the GLASS closet".

Those just "in the closet" have speculations circulating around them gay - whether'd about their mannerism or personality, but they're not really pushing their gayness. They will tend to have opposite gender "partners", but many people will conclude that they're just beards/fake.

Those in the "glass closet" are walking and breathing of gayness - e.i., they will be always walking with that one same gendered partner, they adopt children and they might even be reported living with the partner, but they'll never say they're gay or straight.
Queen Latifah, Jodie Foster, Anderson Cooper, Kevin Spacey, Victor Garber (Mr Andrews - the Titanic guy) & Fiona Shaw (Harry Potter's Aunt Petunia) are in the glass closet.
by kunter February 01, 2012
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When a homosexual is in the closet but everyone who meets them know that they're totally gay. Resulting in a closet that is completely see through.
Bill: Hey you guys check out this cute sweater I got at the mall.
Steven: Dude is Bill Gay?
Todd: Officially no, but everyone knows he's in the glass closet.
by stonetemplepilot May 01, 2014
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When a person is closeted, but everyone knows that hey are gay.
Chelsea: *asking Lauren* Who are you kissing under the mistletoe?
Camila: Me!
Lauren: Nooo *gay panic*
Inside Chelsea’s mind: Wow Camila’s in the Glass closet.
by Stassii December 26, 2018
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An absurdly flamboyant gay man that is either unaware or still in denial about his sexuality and either way doesn't realize that it is abundantly obvious to every other human being except Terri Schiavo
"What is Mitch doing with a girlfriend? That kid's gayer than teletubby figure-skaters."

"yeah...it's a pretty severe case of Glass Closet Syndrome."

"Well, you cant blame a guy for trying. What's the girls story?"

"...oh, she's just retarded."
by LEVIATHAN1000 February 25, 2010
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When you have come out as LGBT+ and those around you (parents, friends, etc) refuse to accept/acknowledge it.
Person 1: My ma keeps misgendering me.

Person 2: Didn't you come out to your family?

Person 1: Yeah, but I'm stuck in the glass closet.


Person 1: Hey dad, this is my boyfriend.

Dad: You mean best friend, right?
by HackMeBiatchez September 08, 2020
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