No, it’s not children who are fragile and breakable. They are actually appear strong (note that I said they appear strong, not that they are strong). Glass children are children who are growing up in a home with a sibling who takes up a disproportionate amount of parental energy. This can be a child with an obvious physical or emotional disability, it can be a child with an addiction, a serious illness, or significant behavioral issues.

The siblings of this child are called glass children because their overwhelmed parents look at them and rather than see their needs…. look right through them.
*mom playing with autistic child*
son: Mom, I'm hungry can you make me something to eat?
mom: Not right now I'm playing with your brother
son: but mo-
mom: I said no go get an apple out of the fridge
son: *talking to self* she looks right through me.. Like I'm made of glass.. I'm a glass child
by tw1sten September 17, 2014
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