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Hip, glamorous, well-dressed, fashion model vampires, as seen in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Blade. They will also be featured in the fashion section of the October issue of RLife, Reno's premier lifestyle magazine.
Did you see that glampire at the bar last night? That was one hot, undead bloodsucker.
by Jackie Shelton September 06, 2007
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Commonly inferred as a metrosexual (or, in some cases, sexually confused) vampire, the term is more popularly linked to Edward Cullen from the Twilight Series. Meaning, glampires are inherently gay and drive stakes through their asses.
Blade: What the fuck, vampires aren't supposed to SPARKLE!

Edward: Oh no honey, I'm a glampire. I rock the glitter and it's FABULOUS. I don't bite my victims, but I do recommend tasteful color schemes for their homes, as well as feng shui tips.
by Stephenie Meyer is a fail April 07, 2009
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A fan of the band The Murder Groupies. For there Glam Rock Look and influences mixed with there Horror look and influences Which there fans tend to take on
Jim:That band looks like a group of Rock N Roll Vampires.

Nikki: Yea there a There a Bunch of Glampires
by Mr.Antichrist July 09, 2011
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