The male equivalent to an Icy Girl. AKA A male who is all about his money. He’s always on his grind, determined to get what he wants, and look good while doing it.
Saweetie: *Exists*
Quavo: You so icy, I’m a glacier boy
by udictisfordaboiz October 24, 2020
Migos and Gucci Mane when they are together.
Man they so iced out, they glacier boys.
by Urmainchick February 2, 2018
This is how rich people get women. Don’t really know what it means, but it works.
Quavo: ❄️
Saweetie: 🍜

Quavo: u so icy im a glacier boy
Saweetie: was hannin then
by jackalope_03 October 8, 2020