A female who is high maintenance and all about her money. She’s always on her grind, determined to get what she wants, and looks good while doing it.
“Damn, that girl look good as hell with them Chanel shades and Gucci bag.”

“Who, Kimberley? Yeah, she fly. But she an icy girl. You need to be a nigga who make at least eight-figures just to get her boujee ass attention.”
by SavageShawty September 12, 2019
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A Certain Female Who Charges For Time And Is Usually Busy, Sometimes These Females (me because I'm a bad bitch) Charge For Sex, Time, etc. And They Don't Charge They FREEEEEEENDSSS.
Bitch Stfu I'm an Icy Girl Hoe Ass Bitch
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Charging by the minute cause her time is very pricey
She is about icy girl so don't waste her precious time.
by Jasunna November 9, 2017
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